Elementary School

MSAD #24 in Van Buren, Maine
Photo of Van Buren District School in Van Buren, Maine - MSAD #24

Van Buren District Elementary School

Welcome students, parents, and community members to the MSAD #24 / RSU #88 website.

Faculty & Staff

District Principal

Guidance Director

Director of Special Services

Grade 8 Teacher

HS Health

District Music & Band Teacher

Elementary Special Education Teacher

Educational Technician

District Technology Coordinator

Educational Technician

Grade 7 Teacher

Educational Technician

District Physical Ed Teacher

Educational Technician

Special Education Secretary

Advanced 8th Grade Math

Grades 5 - 12 French

Educational Technician

School Secretary

MS GT Teacher

HS Social Studies Teacher

Grade 6 Teacher

Reading Specialist

Grade 5 Teacher

School Nurse

CNA Instructor

Educational Technician

Speech Therapist

Grade 8 Math Teacher

Grades K - 4 French Teacher

District Librarian

Grade 3 Teacher

Grade 1 Teacher

District Art Teacher

Grade 2 Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher

MS Robotics Teacher

HS Science Teacher

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Grade 4 Teacher

Home Economics Teacher

Educational Technician