CTE Student of the Year 2023-2024

It is with great enthusiasm that I select Levi Duplessis-Pinkham for the CTE Student of the Year at Van Buren Regional Technology Center. The son of Jennifer and Jamey Ouellette, Levi has consistently showcased exceptional dedication and enthusiasm towards his studies, making him an outstanding candidate for this recognition.


Throughout his time in HVAC and Green Engineering, Levi has demonstrated a strong commitment to projects, always eager to explore new concepts and techniques. His passion for learning is evident in his approach to seeking out opportunities for growth and his willingness to tackle challenges head-on. Levi's ability to work independently and his positive attitude towards learning set him apart from his peers.


One of Levi's most notable attributes is his unwavering focus on completing assignments promptly and achieving excellence in his work. He consistently strives for high scores and sets ambitious goals for himself, demonstrating a strong work ethic and determination to succeed. He is a positive role model for his peers.


Levi's exemplary performance, commitment to learning, and outstanding work ethic make him an exceptional candidate for the CTE Student of the Year award. Levi is deserving of this prestigious recognition, and I am confident that he will continue to excel in his future pursuit.  He will be attending NMCC in the fall to obtain his certification in Plumbing & Heating.  He aspires to earn his Master License and to one day have his own business.


As the Van Buren CTE Student of the Year recipient, Levi will receive a $500.00 scholarship at the end of the year, which has been sponsored by Tulsa, Inc.

CTE Machine Tool Projects

Exciting things are always happening in shop class! As students delve into science, math, and English in their other courses, they have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in shop class. These subjects serve as crucial foundations when pursuing a trade. In shop class, students have the chance to construct amazing projects. We recently crafted bicycle charging pods for Van Buren's new electric vehicle charging station. Additionally, we fabricate and fix parts for the public works department. Presently, we are engaged in a memorial bleacher project. Keep an eye out for the final outcome! Here are a few snapshots of our recent projects and student personal projects in progress!

HVAC Class 1st Quarter

The first quarter is drawing to a close, and the students in Mr. Ouellette's HVAC class are making excellent progress. During this term, they've had the chance to dive into various HVAC topics. They explored the characteristics of liquid fuel and how it relates to storage tanks and piping, gaining hands-on experience in threading pipes with a power threading machine along with the installation of an oil storage tank. Additionally, the students expanded their knowledge by delving into the fundamentals of electricity, with a particular focus on safety components within heating systems. They've had the valuable opportunity to read schematics and practice their wiring skills. Keep up the excellent work, everyone!

Student of the Year 2021-2022

Eric LaPlante is a Machine Tool student at Van Buren Regional Technology Center

Amy White, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Director at Van Buren Regional Technology Center is pleased to announce Eric LaPlante as the CTE Student of the Year.  Eric is described by the staff in Van Buren as self-motivated, supportive, reliable, and passionate about his trade.  Eric is respected by his teachers and his peers and is considered to be a role model to other students.  No matter what is assigned, Eric works extremely hard, and never hesitates to support others in class.  Eric is often called upon to peer teach when the instructor needs his assistance.  He continuously challenges himself and has shown an eagerness to learn new material and broaden his understanding of the curriculum.  This is his third year in the program and he has shown exceptional growth during his time.  Eric is also a part of the school’s chapter of Future Business Leaders of America where he competed for 2 years in the categories of journalism and personal finance.  He has also participated in the Junior Achievement Titan Challenge where he earned a remarkable placing in the state.  Eric is the son of Peter and Dana LaPlante.  Eric has earned this recognition and it is with great pride that we recognize him as the Van Buren CTE Student of the Year.  Congratulations to him!