Guidance Department

Kelly Davis, Director of Guidance

Priscilla Desjardins, Administrative Assistant

Interested in Counseling for your child?

We now have a counselor one day per week at school who can work with students grades Pre-K through 12. If you are interested or would like more information please contact Ms. Kelly by calling the Guidance office, stopping by, or emailing.


Spring classes begin on January 22, 2019.

For those of you new to RURAL U and online classes, there is a mandatory training on black board and main street on Friday January 11, 2019 at 1:30pm in the ATM room. This will give you a basic foundation of online classes and allow you the ability to navigate through black board and main street.

If you have not purchased textbooks, please do so now so that you are starting the class off on the right foot. If you need help, let me know!

Upcoming Events

1/11/2019: Black Board and Main Street Training for online college classes

1/18/2019: Quarter 2 ends

1/21/2019: No school

1/28/2019: Senior Meeting

1/29/2019: UMPI Accepted Day lunch at Lakeview

1/30/2019: Financial Literacy with Norstate for grades 11 & 12

1/31/2019: Birthday Lunch

2/6/2019: NAEP Testing for grade 4

2/12/2019: MIYHS Surveys for grades 5-12








Scholarships are coming in fast and it is important for you to come to Guidance to get some applications and start filling them out. College is expensive!

You are in the process of learning which colleges have accepted and did not accept you. RELAX!

Also you will start receiving your award letters from each school you have been accepted to. Come see me if you want to go over it together for some help understanding the letters. They can be confusing.

All these things are done to help you-help yourself! Come see me if you have questions.


It makes sense. Your graduation is rapidly approaching and it feels like the quarter should be over already – but it isn't.

Be careful, the senioritis slump can cost you big time in terms of your grade in a course, the final and, of course, really can put a damper on your overall GPA. Whether it's senioritis or just the nearing graduation, it can really hit students with a tall wall of unmotivated and a dose of laziness on the side. And, while we can’t stop the senioritis slump for you, we can help you by giving you ways to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get motivated again.

Here are some tips to beat senioritis (or whatever it is you call it):

  • Prioritize If you’re feeling burned out, prioritizing your work can help you evaluate and decipher between the important work and the busy work in your life.
  • Organize Determine your tasks and take them on one at a time so that they’re more approachable and you’ll have all the items crossed off your “to do” list in no time!
  • Find Study Buddies Nothing helps keep you motivated like being held accountable for someone else’s grade, too. While it’s ultimately your grade on the line, working with a study buddy makes he much more difficult to find last minute excuses. Try to find one for the class you’re feeling behind in or, better yet, one in each class!
  • Make Some Changes If you feel like you’ve got too much on your plate, maybe you do. Nice try - obviously you can’t cut out your schoolwork, so evaluate what else you’ve got going on and see if you can cut back on clubs, events or other activities – even if just temporarily. There’s nothing wrong with evaluating your time and being realistic about what you can accomplish.
  • Get Some “R & R” Often times you feel overwhelmed and exhausted because you’re, well, overwhelmed and exhausted. Set aside time for “R & R” – that’s rest and relaxation. No, don’t just nap all day and loaf around – that’s still within the senioritis slump realm. Instead set aside specific times to relax, exercise, meditate and, of course, sleep. That way, you can approach each day with a fresh perspective on what needs to be accomplished and limit the anxiety that comes with exhaustion. Remember, if you’re electing to stay a zombie then it’s no wonder you’re in a slump! It's important to stay focused until the end of your high school career because all of your grades and effort are still being monitored by colleges. You don't want your admissions offer to be rescinded (and it does happen) - that should be motivation enough!

Ways to promote kindness in school!

  • Reading promotes and nurtures empathy in all classrooms
  • Kindness Quotes: Select a powerful quote about the importance of kindness and do a thorough, class-wide analysis. What does this quote mean? Have you ever seen examples of its implications in your life? This works at all levels and age groups.
  • Help students engage in community service.
  • Role Modeling for students
  • Encourage random acts of kindness

Upcoming College Tours:

Attention students in grades 9-11:

This is going to be changed to April, during break. The dates will be April 17-19th. Come see me for more information.