Guidance Department

Kelly Davis, Director of Guidance

Lilly Ouellette, Administrative Assistant

April 8, 2020

Hello from the Guidance office,

As you know, we have been out of school for almost a month now and we are all working hard on distance learning plans and work. I understand this is a challenging time and we are in unchartered water. Sometimes the water is calm and sometimes it is rough. This is expected. It is okay to not be 100% every day. Heck, it is okay to not be 50% every day. This is all new to us, all of us, and we will work through this together and make it through this together.

When you are home, it is really important to know that there are other things to focus on besides school work. There are many resources out there for kids to do, that include fun and exciting opportunities. Also, get outside as the sun is starting to shine and the snow will be leaving soon and fresh air does the body and soul some good!

Below I have included some websites with resources for taking care of our well-being, educational information and opportunities, and a few things that are just for fun. Look at some or all of them, engage and participate in some or all, and most importantly, do what is best for you.

I want all the kids to know that Ms. Lilly and I miss you, we miss seeing your face, hearing your voice, and spending time with you. If you need us, you can still reach us and have contact with us! You can reach us by email at, call the school at 868-5274, and we can talk, email, and we can always set up a zoom meeting so we can see each other!

I have included a couple pictures with resources or sayings that I liked and wanted to share:

#1: Math at Home

#2: Coping Calendar

#3: Empathic

#4: Mental Health Check in

So long for now! I will write again soon!

Ms. Kelly

(online FREE college classes)

Aroostook Community

Students can find all of the following information and more in one place, rather than doing extensive internet research:

Detailed breakdown of over 80 programs - career outlook, job duties, skills needed, etc.

Custom school searching by zip code of over 650 locations nationwide.

Overview of specific trade schools - student services, financial aid options, programs offered, etc.

To our school community: It is important to note that during this time of need and concern, along with the meals provided by the school, the Weekender Food Program will continue! We have a steady number of students that get backpacks for the weekend every Friday. We are going to continue providing backpacks to those children through our bus runs delivering food.

If you are not one of those students and would like to receive a back pack of food for the weekend, please let us know. You can call the school and let Ms. Lyn, Ms. Lilly, or Ms. Kelly know and we will make sure you receive a backpack for the weekend. We just ask that you return the backpack to the staff on the bus, Monday morning.

Thank you!

Ms. Kelly

May 22, 2020

Dear Seniors,

This is for those of you that have taken college class during high school. If you are headed to college, they will want OFFICIAL college transcripts not just what is listed on your high school transcript. It is important for you to request official transcripts be sent to the college you plan to attend in the fall. You definitely do not want to repeat a class you already took.

Keep in mind, concurrent enrollment at school is still a college class and you will still need a transcript. This would apply to Spanish 1 through UMPI, Intro to Forestry, and Art Fundamentals 1 &2 through UMFK.

Most of the schools you attended during high school: NMCC, UMFK, UMO, UMPI, and UMM will allow you to request transcripts off of their website. You can google it like this: UMFK Transcript Request and it will come right up. Some schools charge nothing and some it is a nominal fee. Some allow you to do it directly off of the web, others you can call to request, or mail a request in to them. Either way, it is imperative you get this done ASAP.

I suggest that you have the official transcript sent directly to the school you will be attending AND have a copy sent to your home. This way you have a copy just in case you need it as sometimes employers request your transcripts.

If you run into trouble or need my help with anything just reach out!

Thank you,

Ms. Kelly


Kristen Theriault from Fish River Rural Health is still accepting referrals for counseling and seeing students virtually, for now. You can reach her or her supervisor, Jen at 728-3971.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis you can call the crisis hotline at 1-888-568-1112

If you or someone you know is experiencing child abuse and neglect you can call DHHS intake at 1-800-452-1999

As always, 911 is available